How to play golf as a left handed person

I have a lot of left-handed friends who play golf quite well, but when they are beginners, they tend to struggle, because of lack of guidance for southpaw golfers today. Like everything else, golf is catered to right-handed people, which is kind of unfair to so many lefties who are trying to learn to play golf right now. That’s why i decided to write this guide and help them get over some of the obstacles that get in their way of playing golf peacefully.

Problems begin with golf clubs, but aren’t limited to them. Based on what i’ve heard from my leftie friends, most golf clubs don’t have left-handed versions, so they are forced to choose from limited pool of options. If the club set does have left handed version, there’s pretty high probability that sporting goods store won’t be shelving them. One solution to that is ordering online, but personally, i like to get the feel of a club before making any purchase. Your hand, arm and shoulder movements are extremely important in golf, so getting those movements right is crucial. That’s why it can be annoying when all the tips or videos you see online are made with right handed golfers in mind. There is little to no guidance available for southpaw golfers. One good online tutorial i know, written by George on GolfClubsGuru, is excellent guide for beginner lefties looking to get started in this sport. Other than that, i think there are some articles on GolfDigest and, but nothing remarkable. I have also heard that another huge disadvantage lefties have is that they can’t experiment with clubs. For example, if my friend or friend’s friend gets a new driver or other clubs, i can usually ask and play with them for just a bit, to check out how they feel in action. Lefties can’t do that, or it would be more correct to say, they rarely get to do that.

If you were about to give up, don’t, because i’ve already mentioned few solutions, and there are more. Just the fact that golf legend such as Phil Mickelson is a leftie should be enough to motivate you to do your best. He often gives tips to fellow lefties and his insights are extremely valuable. He and other people knowledgeable about golf often advise lefties to hold golf clubs with a tight, strong grip, to increase the chances of making a successful hit. I think there are tournaments exclusively held for left handed golfers as well.

One more solution to the problem of lack of relevant advice is taking a golf lesson. At first teachers might seem expensive, but if you think about it, the money is well worth the energy you’ll save. Just few hours spent with a teacher can give you a lot of guidance and set you on the right path in terms of developing your golf skills. Of course playing and practicing on the course is the most important thing, but few golf lessons can be invaluable experience as well. Considering how much we spend on golf clubs, tees and other golf-related things, you shouldn’t really worry about spending a bit more on golf lessons. After all, knowing how to play golf properly is the key to enjoying it. I also recommend to take lessons that are specifically for left handed golfers. They are more likely to be taught by someone who is leftie himself/herself, so you’ll be able to relate with them better. Teacher will also know about most problems you might have on the course.

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Different types of golf clubs

Based on my interactions with novice golfers, i’ve noticed pattern that for them, the hardest thing to wrap their heads around is the rule set of using golf clubs. They know that driver is the club you use when you make your first shot, but other than that, they are pretty confused. On top of that, there are differences within these categories. Different numbers of woods and irons, which are seemingly similar, but are supposed to be used at different times. All of this quickly adds up and usually confuses poor beginner golfers. So i decided to write a coherent tutorial that would explain to them ins and outs of using different golf clubs.


Currently, there are 5 significant types of golf clubs out there. Here’s quick overview of each of them :

  • Driver – this is the club you use to make the first shot. This one isn’t as accurate as irons or woods, but it will enable you to hit your ball to make it cover the most distance of all other clubs.
  • Woods – these are more accurate than the driver, but their design is less focused on making your golf ball cover the longest distance it can. So they should be used accordingly. After you take the first shot with driver, you don’t need it anymore, and you should only use woods and irons. Depending on the distance, also you might want to use hybrids. Most likely, right after hitting ball with a driver, you’ll be using 3-wood golf club. These sorts of clubs were first called woods because their head, which is larger than most other clubs by the way, used to be made out of wood. It’s not anymore, but the name stuck.
  • Irons are the clubs you use for mid-range distance. They are more accurate and can help you get the ball to the spot right where you want it to be. Irons also have smaller club faces than the other types of clubs mentioned above, but unlike their club heads, those of golf irons tend to be solid, not hollow. Some people say that irons are the most important clubs in the set, so there are many versions available for purchase. Some irons cost as much as few thousand dollars. Their smaller clubheads contribute to their accuracy as well.
  • Hybrid type is the mix of both – irons and woods. They are the newest golf club type, having emerged in early two thousands. Typically, most hybrids have the best of both worlds. They are easy to hit, because of enlarged sweet spots and club heads, than most irons, but they are more accurate than most woods. Because of this, hybrids have become wildly popular and most golfers, especially the beginners, carry at least one hybrid in their golf bags at all times. Hybrids have many names, most popular being hybrids, obviously, and rescue clubs, also utility clubs.
  • Putters are the last, but definitely not least important part of any golf club set. They are the clubs that one is supposed to use when one has gotten very close to the hole and wants to finish the job. Obviously, because of this, putters are very accurate and it takes a lot of skill to use them. Because of that, golfers often use putting mats to practice their putting skills.

There used to be many other types of clubs that have come and gone. One example that i remember is a golf club type called niblick, that used to be around in earlier centuries. But times change, and i suppose some of these clubs won’t be around in few decades. If i had to give one more advice about learning basics of golf, it would be this : don’t wait too long to start. You can get the basics down pretty quickly, and after you have, i would advise to go and play on the actual golf course. You learn golf by actually doing it. Going to the teacher is important and useful, but at some point, that also stops being effective tool for the development of your golf skills.

Knowing differences between these types of golf clubs is especially important when you’re collecting golf club set by buying each one separately. You have to know what each of them are supposed to do and how they work to make the best choice. If you’re high handicapper, this might be some help. Otherwise, if you are too busy to do it one by one, buying golf club sets might also be smart choice.

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Roger Federer wins over Rafael Nadal Again

Long story short, Roger’s efficiency within the Open final was, a wonderful example of mental toughness and resolve.

The Swiss came into the complement lacking overwhelmed on his arch rival Rafael Nadal in a Grand Slam since the 2007 Wimbledon final. Over time , Nadal’s continual topspin forehands had used down Federer’s singlehanded backhand in match after fit. Roger generally seemed dejected in major suits as though he’d dropped of actually finding a way to conquer his biggest adversary, trust. Rafa won all five Throw encounters with Roger from the traditional 2008 Wimbledon closing for the 2014 Australian Open semi.

This history might have experienced Federer’s intellect before and throughout on Rod Laver Arena the closing. Like Nadal would yet again defeats Roger, a rest down within the fifth collection, it looked. And it he flipped . It was ultimately the match and the Spaniard who lapsed emotionally, while Federer stepped his game to secure a crucial split of function up.


In a post- the 18, match appointment -moment Grand Slam winner explained he ‘was looking to perform not and the ball the adversary. I recently told myself I have to really, really fight’. This approach worked. He kept focused and existing, and didn’t engage together with thoughts and the expected concerns he would have observed.

Roger’s intellectual struggle with Nadal continues to be an exception within an otherwise emotionally quite strong profession. Federer has combined a top degree of home-idea with the capability to recover easily from beat. Their 2008 US Open success, for instance, came just a couple months against Rafa following the hardest loss of his profession at Wimbledon. Displayed vigor and strong determination in hard suits – take his unbelievable 2009 conquer Andy Roddick at Wimbledon as being a just to illustrate.

Roger’s mental energy is not an all natural reward, but an expertise that is learned. In his early career, Federer frequently lacked attention and struggled on court with fury. From boyhood up-to his breakthrough year of 2001 temper tantrums and racket organizing were commonplace for future years great. In the Hamburg Masters event his racket left against shortly after dropping to Chinese journeyman Franco Squillari. That loss demonstrated a psychological turning point.

Federer noticed after that complement that his have trouble with challenging emotions held him back from hitting his potential. He settled to change. The relaxed great and gathered Federer that individuals know today came to be here.

Greater outcomes used. He achieved the quarter final at Rolandgarros, and at Wimbledon scored a famous victory to attain the final eight. Mental development that was Federer’s put the building blocks for his golden time of Grand-Slam prominence that started at Wimbledon in 2003.

Federer has acknowledged that his psychological development didn’t come easy. After winning the Australian Open this season, he described ‘I always believed I’d it in my own hand. The concern is do I’ve it in my feet as well as in my brain? That’s anything I’d to perform difficult at.’

While Roger never voiced in more detail concerning this emotional work, we know he employed with a psychiatrist to address his anger issues in 1998 and 1999. Maybe this helped him make the mental breakthrough in 2001, or maybe, as Roger herself suggested in a 2009 appointment, he only understood he had to take responsibility for their own behavior and attitude on-court.

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Difficulties of choosing golf clubs as a woman

Whether you are a woman and want to pick good golf clubs for yourself, or you are a man and want to choose golf clubs for women, you have two options. You can take easy, less-time consuming approach which will help you to get it over with quickly, but won’t be as effective as long term approach, the approach in which you analyze your needs and choose golf set accordingly. Unsurprisingly, most people take the easy way – just take a look at golf club customer reviews and base your decision on whichever product is rated the best. But i think that’s pretty shallow approach, and let me explain why.

The fact that certain person or group of people liked a golf club doesn’t automatically make it good for you. Choosing a club is way more complicated than that – club has to match your height, weight, handicap and many other minor details. How do you know that the person who has given the review has same handicap or is as tall as you are? You don’t. That’s why i never recommend taking the process of golf club choosing lightly, especially for ladies. There is narrower selection of women’s golf clubs and it takes even more effort to find one perfectly suited for your needs.

Unless, of course, you are only planning to play golf for a few times and give it up. In that case, it takes more sense to save time and take the easy road when choosing the golf club. It also makes sense to avoid buying golf clubs at all, and go for rentals instead. Most golf courses have on-site club rental which might be cheaper for you. But if you’re convinced that you’re serious about Golf, you can go ahead and read second part of this article, in which i discuss most effective ways to buy best golf clubs for ladies without spending too much.

As mentioned above, choosing perfect golf club as a woman is difficult because “perfect” depends on what your height, handicap and swing are like. Well, it’s not height, but more length of your arms that matter. Most mainstream club sets are made to fit women of average height, so if you are shorter or taller than average, you might need to look more extensively. Also, if you are a total beginner and have never played golf before, it is a good idea to restrain yourself from buying expensive club sets. They won’t improve your game that much, and they are more delicate than affordable clubs. So it’s better to get Women’s Strata Callaway set at first, which only costs like couple of hundred bucks and has almost everything you need to get playing. If you had a high budget and have money left over, getting swing analyzer might also be a good idea. It will help you improve your accuracy and overall, your golf skills.

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What’s perfect number of golf clubs for beginners club set?

I, as an experienced golfer, have had many beginner golfers ask me “why do we need so many golf clubs in our bag? Wouldn’t just few of them be enough?” – this is a valid question, but after being asked several dozen times, you just feel like writting it down and rubbing it in their face instead of explaining. That is the very purpose of this tutorial, and i hope i clear things up, once and for all.

Before you go ahead and learn How to pick Best clubs for beginner golfers, you need to know what exactly you need as a beginner, or you’re going to get decent club set that won’t suit your requirements and needs.

First of all, it is true that beginners find it easier to have less golf clubs available in their bags, and most beginners’ club sets usually do come in smaller quantities. For example, Callaway beginners sets come in as little as 7-8 clubs. They have done really good job of shrinking the whole set into 8 clubs. It isn’t perfect for the quality of the game, but if you are a beginner, it is an affordable, non-confusing way to get into golf. There are, of course, golf club sets available with 12 and more clubs, which are way better for game improvement, but also cost way more than Strata sets. Now let’s get to the point – what kind of golf clubs do we need?

  1. Golf drivers – drivers are the most important part of any set. Without a good driver, you are doomed on a golf course. It is the very first club you use to drive golf ball to your destination. They aren’t super accurate, though. Thing with the golf clubs is, that you usually have to sacrifice accuracy for longer shots, or other way round. That is why putters are never used for long distances, but let’s talk more about putters later.
  2. Woods are sort of like drivers, but with different variations of driving capabilities and accuracy. Beginners usually don’t need any woods other than 3 wood. Although i do think that having 3 wood is a must.
  3. Irons are used for shorter distances than woods, and are more accurate. You can buy iron sets separately, but best irons for beginners are definitely the ones that come with complete beginners’ sets. It is more affordable and less time consuming that way. Once you’re established and have enough golf knowledge, you can always upgrade your irons, or any other part of your golf set, for that matter.
  4. Hybrids – they are not essential, but i can not go on without mentioning hybrid golf clubs real quick. These are becoming increasingly popular, and rightly so. They are mix between irons and woods, and usually replace certain irons and woods.
  5. Putters are the clubs we use to finish our hole successfully.They are the most precise type of clubs out there – but as mentioned above, putters are for short distance only.
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