How to play golf as a left handed person

I have a lot of left-handed friends who play golf quite well, but when they are beginners, they tend to struggle, because of lack of guidance for southpaw golfers today. Like everything else, golf is catered to right-handed people, which is kind of unfair to so many lefties who are trying to learn to play golf right now. That’s why i decided to write this guide and help them get over some of the obstacles that get in their way of playing golf peacefully.

Problems begin with golf clubs, but aren’t limited to them. Based on what i’ve heard from my leftie friends, most golf clubs don’t have left-handed versions, so they are forced to choose from limited pool of options. If the club set does have left handed version, there’s pretty high probability that sporting goods store won’t be shelving them. One solution to that is ordering online, but personally, i like to get the feel of a club before making any purchase. Your hand, arm and shoulder movements are extremely important in golf, so getting those movements right is crucial. That’s why it can be annoying when all the tips or videos you see online are made with right handed golfers in mind. There is little to no guidance available for southpaw golfers. One good online tutorial i know, written by George on GolfClubsGuru, is excellent guide for beginner lefties looking to get started in this sport. Other than that, i think there are some articles on GolfDigest and, but nothing remarkable. I have also heard that another huge disadvantage lefties have is that they can’t experiment with clubs. For example, if my friend or friend’s friend gets a new driver or other clubs, i can usually ask and play with them for just a bit, to check out how they feel in action. Lefties can’t do that, or it would be more correct to say, they rarely get to do that.

If you were about to give up, don’t, because i’ve already mentioned few solutions, and there are more. Just the fact that golf legend such as Phil Mickelson is a leftie should be enough to motivate you to do your best. He often gives tips to fellow lefties and his insights are extremely valuable. He and other people knowledgeable about golf often advise lefties to hold golf clubs with a tight, strong grip, to increase the chances of making a successful hit. I think there are tournaments exclusively held for left handed golfers as well.

One more solution to the problem of lack of relevant advice is taking a golf lesson. At first teachers might seem expensive, but if you think about it, the money is well worth the energy you’ll save. Just few hours spent with a teacher can give you a lot of guidance and set you on the right path in terms of developing your golf skills. Of course playing and practicing on the course is the most important thing, but few golf lessons can be invaluable experience as well. Considering how much we spend on golf clubs, tees and other golf-related things, you shouldn’t really worry about spending a bit more on golf lessons. After all, knowing how to play golf properly is the key to enjoying it. I also recommend to take lessons that are specifically for left handed golfers. They are more likely to be taught by someone who is leftie himself/herself, so you’ll be able to relate with them better. Teacher will also know about most problems you might have on the course.

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