What’s perfect number of golf clubs for beginners club set?

I, as an experienced golfer, have had many beginner golfers ask me “why do we need so many golf clubs in our bag? Wouldn’t just few of them be enough?” – this is a valid question, but after being asked several dozen times, you just feel like writting it down and rubbing it in their face instead of explaining. That is the very purpose of this tutorial, and i hope i clear things up, once and for all.

Before you go ahead and learn How to pick Best clubs for beginner golfers, you need to know what exactly you need as a beginner, or you’re going to get decent club set that won’t suit your requirements and needs.

First of all, it is true that beginners find it easier to have less golf clubs available in their bags, and most beginners’ club sets usually do come in smaller quantities. For example, Callaway beginners sets come in as little as 7-8 clubs. They have done really good job of shrinking the whole set into 8 clubs. It isn’t perfect for the quality of the game, but if you are a beginner, it is an affordable, non-confusing way to get into golf. There are, of course, golf club sets available with 12 and more clubs, which are way better for game improvement, but also cost way more than Strata sets. Now let’s get to the point – what kind of golf clubs do we need?

  1. Golf drivers – drivers are the most important part of any set. Without a good driver, you are doomed on a golf course. It is the very first club you use to drive golf ball to your destination. They aren’t super accurate, though. Thing with the golf clubs is, that you usually have to sacrifice accuracy for longer shots, or other way round. That is why putters are never used for long distances, but let’s talk more about putters later.
  2. Woods are sort of like drivers, but with different variations of driving capabilities and accuracy. Beginners usually don’t need any woods other than 3 wood. Although i do think that having 3 wood is a must.
  3. Irons are used for shorter distances than woods, and are more accurate. You can buy iron sets separately, but best irons for beginners are definitely the ones that come with complete beginners’ sets. It is more affordable and less time consuming that way. Once you’re established and have enough golf knowledge, you can always upgrade your irons, or any other part of your golf set, for that matter.
  4. Hybrids – they are not essential, but i can not go on without mentioning hybrid golf clubs real quick. These are becoming increasingly popular, and rightly so. They are mix between irons and woods, and usually replace certain irons and woods.
  5. Putters are the clubs we use to finish our hole successfully.They are the most precise type of clubs out there – but as mentioned above, putters are for short distance only.

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